1. Nobody is perfect. Yes, no one is! Maybe somebody looks like the super model that is “picture perfect” but you don’t know what underlying physical condition that person has. You don’t know what they’ve been through in life, you don’t know their insecurities. Some are insecure of their feet or other parts of their body that you don’t know about. Think about this, why those who can afford it undergo plastic surgery, buttocks, liposuction, nose lift, bust augmentation and many more procedures just to look perfect? Many of those are even famous! You wouldn’t think they would but they did! Why? answer it for me please lol.

2. Everybody is insecure one way or another. They maybe the most good-looking human beings you’ve ever laid your eyes on but there’s someone else that looks better than them. He/she might be the most intelligent classmate in your class but somebody is more intelligent than him/her. Maybe you don’t have her beauty but you got the personality that others wish they have. They got the body but you got the face. They got the beauty with bad attitude. You got it? There’s always something on everybody!

3. If you think you are perfect you are wrong. Maybe you don’t belong in this world if you are. No matter how great people think they are, in some ways they know they are not.

So next time you feel insecure about something or somebody think back and ask yourself, do I really have the reason to? It’s normal to feel insecure BUT if you can handle it the positive way you will boost your self esteem in no time.

When I first started my talk (giving seminars) I was nervous as I was in front of these participants that are successful businessmen, professionals, rich people, you name it I got it on the crowd but I told myself “they are here to learn, they paid for this seminar because I know something that they don’t” and I went on. At times it’s just our set of mind.

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