Do you wonder why there are some people that are mean to you for no reason at all? They seems nice to others but they got nothing good to say about you and they usually give you the look. Here are some possible reasons why:

1. They are jealous of you. There are so many possible reasons why a person get jealous of you. Could be because you have the attention that they want for themselves. You got bubbly personality, everybody adores you. They are jealous of your guts. Their partners find you attractive and they know it. You gonna figure it out when they are extra sweet to their partner when you are round. You got promoted and you are making more than they do. You drive a better car. You live in a nice house and many more.

2. They are insecure of you. Actually its not about you, its about their set of mind. An insecure person often feels low self esteem, not good enough, low self confidence and less self worth. It triggers when they think you are better than them. They are being intimidated by your presence. They think you look good. They usually get insecure of you when you got what is missing in them. What do I mean by that? Let’s say they are insecure of their height and you are tall. They are insecure of their body and you got the “body” that they wish they have. There are so many reasons why a person is insecure, you can’t do anything about it unless they wanna change their own set of mind. Maybe it will help if you try convincing them that you are not perfect yourself.

Everybody got some insecurities but it depends on the person how to handle it. Jealousy and insecurity are connected because a person won’t get jealous if he is not insecure. You wont get jealous even if your partner finds somebody else attractive if you feel secured of your relationship, right?

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