Depression could be due to chemical imbalance, seek professional help if this is your case. It can also be as simple as “your set of mind”. Which one is causing yours?

If you are depressed because you’re dissatisfied on your present situation, the decision is yours whether to stay or move on. Ask yourself these:

1. What exactly makes me depressed? Figure out what is the particular situation that causes your depression or unhappiness.

2. What can I do to change that? Think of possible good solution to the problem. List down plans A, B and C. If plan A fails move on to B and so on. Don’t give up! Act on your plans asap, the longer you drag the longer you gonna be miserable.

You’re in a bad relationship, talk things over. Maybe you both will come up with an agreement to solve the issue. Make plans that both parties will benefit from it.

3. What can I do to make my life better than today? Think of things you love to do, start planning depending on the situation you are in now.

You are broke, think of something you are passionate about and make money doing it. You hit two birds in one stone doing that as you are making money while doing something you love.

Problem’s impact in your life is based on how you handle it. Small conflict can be bigger than it really is when you handle it wrong way. At times there’s nothing to get worried about but you worry too much.

There’s always a solution to every problem. The choice is yours but at times we don’t wanna choose because we don’t wanna go out of our comfort zone. Sinking in to depression won’t help you so get up and get going! Make yourself busy to take your mind off those things that depress you.

Exercise will help you feel good. Don’t stay in a dark room, it will make you more sad. Remember, you are what your set of mind is. Your thoughts become your reality.

Come back here and comment below when you are back to your old self again, I will be happy to hear it from you. Thank you

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