We can start by figuring these out:

1. What are the things you wanna do in the house on normal days but you don’t have time for it? Maybe you wanna redecorate your house, rearrange furniture, gardening, general cleaning, fix or build something, mow your yard, repaint, fix your fence, spend quality time with your family, teach/play with your kids, cook for your family and so on. I’m sure there are lots more you wanna do.

I guess it’s a good idea to cook our own meals to be safe. Home cook meal is in these days as this covid 19 is a bit tricky, some are asymptomatic for days before they even realized they are infected. Maybe you wanna learn how cook your favorite food from your favorite restaurant. I missed Philly Cheesesteak sandwich so I made one for the first time, it was not bad at all.

2. What is your hidden talent or your hobby? Are you good in writing, arts, crafts, cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, singing, dancing, painting and many more. It’s time for you to try them now and enhance your talents, research on it to learn more. Explore. Be creative.

If you have no idea on how to start but you wanna learn something new that won’t require you to go out, start your research from youtube.com. I’ve learned how to create this website by watching tutorials, you just have to figure out who can give you the right information that you needed or you can watch several video tutorials and get some ideas from each. It didn’t take me long. Just give it more time, eventually you will pull it off. That’s how I’ve done it.

3. Did you put doing something off as you were busy working? This is the perfect time to start on that. Priorities depend on who you are or what you do or your circumstances, whatever it is I’m sure if you are staying home now because of this pandemic you got plenty of time to make up for it. Let’s assume you didn’t have enough time to call your loved ones, workout, watch your favorite tv shows and movies, fix your car, fix something in the house, play or talk to your kids as much as you want now you got all the time in the world.

You can pull this off, just be optimistic. Things are rough now but with positive attitude things will be easier. Please hit like and subscribe.

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