It doesn’t matter what your position is, there’s always someone superior than you are. Work place is our second home, at times we spend more time at work than home or with co-workers than with family.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s your dream job or not, your feeling where you work at plays a vital role on your daily life. It could either inspire or drain you. Yes, it puts food on the table and make you afford all good things in life but at the end of the day your emotion counts. If you are unhappy it’s either make you consider moving to another job or dreading going to work every single day that you have to.

Here are 2 most common conflicts at the work place that need to address to:

1. Doing the job for 2 people, getting paid for one. People put up with that in short term, they will do it if nobody can cover those who called in for the day but it’s a different story if they have to do 2 jobs because some are too lazy to work for their own check and make others work for it instead. Some people can get away with it when coworkers are so nice and don’t bitch about it. Some think they can do whatever they want to because they “buddy up” with their superior. I got a better term for it but rather not write that word down lol, I guess you know what that word is. Make a guess lol

Some just simply clock in everyday for the check, period. They don’t care whether the job is done right or not. Working with someone like this is killing me. Whatever the reason may be working for 2 people for 1 check is draining physically and mentally.

2. Being picked on. For some reason they don’t appreciate your hard work no matter what you do but they jump on you too quick whenever they get a chance to. It’s like they just don’t like you, period! Makes you feel unappreciated, it’s not that you need it but it feels better when you are appreciated even if they don’t say it.

They give you the dirty jobs and let their buddies twiddle thumbs while you’re working hard. Makes you wonder how these people get so lucky. How’s that make you feel?

They blame you for somebody else’s fault, they don’t listen to reason. You feel like they are either putting you down or wanna get you fired. You are being punished for somebody else’s fault. The good thing is if you are confident and know yourself well enough then nobody can put you down, you will fight back the smartest way possible.

Those 2 things happen anywhere, wherever you are you’ve dealt with it one way or another. The choice is yours. You can either SPEAK UP, let your superior know what’s going on and be done with it or PUT UP, let them belittle you every single day and you end up dreading going to work. What will you do?

People will only abuse you when you let them. Remember positive reaction has positive consequences. We get burned whenever we made the wrong choice.

It’s awesome when you know that somebody has your back every time you need one. I guess employers or HR may consider addressing these issues to minimize the stress on everybody. Not that they are cry babies but it’s reality, nobody needs anymore conflict on top of what they already have personally. Not all but some people stay on their jobs as they feel good about being there.

Thank you for taking time to read this. Please feel free to like, share or comment below.

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