So many videos on how to make someone fall for you are popping out, that’s funny because based on my observation “you don’t have to make an extra effort if the connection between you two is real”. It will be easy for both. Here’s why:

1. You don’t have to make an effort to get him pay attention on you if he already liked you. He may be checking on you without you knowing it. If you are around and he doesn’t even know you exist, you know what that means right? The one that likes you a lot will even watch you from the distance. The one that doesn’t won’t even bother staring at you and will give you a funny look when they catch you staring.

2. You don’t need to impress each other because you already did. If someone loves you, he loves you for what you are. It doesn’t matter if you are the most good-looking, rich, educated person on earth, you wash his clothes, clean up for him and cook for him if he is not into you, he is not! period! When he is already in love and you do those things for him, he hits the jackpot … what a lucky guy lol. I keep saying he but it’s the same for both men and women.

3. The person that’s into you doesn’t have to say “I love you” to figure out what he feels, you know by his actions. People has different ways of showing love, knowing each others’ language of love will help to avoid the conflict. Some show it by gifts, some by taking care of you, some giving you quality time and some will say the word few times a day. People around you two know his true feelings for you as they can see it from his eyes whenever he looks at you. When other people tell you that, you know you are not dreaming lol

4. For some reasons there’s a force that drawn you two together. Even if you two broke up the feeling will always be there … that connection will lead you two to get back together. When it’s hard for you two to let go … you are still in love. Work things out.

To wrap things up… when it’s too easy for both to feel how much each other cares without even asking or demanding for it, then it’s for real. When you two have something special, don’t let it go because it’s hard to find one. Some never find it in their lifetime. You’re lucky to find yours.

See you on next post


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