Although every human being is unique, people from the same country share the same cultural background. In general they got a common ground, teaching and beliefs that pass on from generation to generation. It changes over time, a lot different in the 50’s than in 2020 but some remains the same. Just like in other culture not everybody is exactly the same. This is about pinoy (Filipino people) in general.

Here are some insights of Filipino people and culture:

1. Generally we are not blunt. Raced like “if you got nothing good to say just shut your mouth up”. We don’t talk back to parents and elders, you can reason out but don’t raise your voice as its disrespectful. We are raised not telling people on their face that they are wrong that’s why we don’t jump on anybody right away when they are being off.

When someone is rude but we stay quiet it doesn’t mean we put up with that, we’re just being nice. We think it’s inappropriate to say it straight on your face but even if we keep quiet, we know what’s going on and we are smarter than you think we are lol. Most will put up with your s*** until they can’t take it anymore and eventually lose it. I know it’s kinda weird to other people from other culture but every culture is different. Things that are normal to you might be weird for us and vice versa.

2. Dating and marriage. Most pinays (filipino women) won’t hit on you first even if they like you, they won’t try to publicly hit on you because for some it’s either too cheap, they are shy or simply because it’s not appropriate. Language of love and respect are the same everywhere so if you see that they like you too, take the first step yourself maybe they are just waiting for you to initiate it.

In general, pinays want a serious relationship. When you are dating a pinay and you pulled away most won’t chase you no matter how much they like you, it’s awkward for them to throw themselves on you.

When you are married, they will fight for it and try to stay married until they reach the brink. In Filipino culture most are married for decades especially the elder generations. It’s uncommon to re-married few times, twice is still acceptable but more than that kinda unusual especially with women. They get criticized, some would advice them to stay single after the separation or annulment as people would talk bad about them when they re- married.

By the way there’s no divorce in the Philippines yet, there is an annulment but it’s costly and will take a year or longer to get approved.

3. We have close family ties. No matter how old we get, we live with our parents while we are single. Well, there’s some exemption when we study or work far from home and we need to rent an apartment but we still consider our family home as our primary residence. Some live with parents even after they get married when they can’t afford to buy house of their own. Grandparents take care of their grandkids while parents are at work.

We value family, generally we try to avoid breaking the family apart when we can help it. Some stay in a bad relationship for years for their children’s sake. We help siblings and family when they are struggling. For us, we want everybody to live good. When they are struggling financially, we help. They need babysitter, we do it for them for free. We take care of our parents when they are old and sick.

4. It’s parents’ responsibility to send kids to college. For us our children are not done studying yet until we see them graduate from college. Sadly, not all parents are lucky enough to afford it but those who can will support them until they graduate.

5. Hospitable. When you go to our house we offer you either foods or drinks because for us it’s rude when we don’t offer anything at all. When we party, we got lots of foods and will ask you to bring leftovers home so don’t get surprised when you attend our parties and we ask you to bring home some.

We bring “pasalubong” to our loved ones when we travel. Pasalubong is something we bought for them from our destination. It could be foods, souvenir or anything that we can afford to. Don’t get upset if you have pinoy friends who travel but never give you pasalubong, believe me they want to it’s just they are either out of budget or exceeded luggage weight limit.

6. We are not fighting, we’re just talking lol. Sounds like we are but we are not, its just the way we normally talk. It’s funny because some people thought we are arguing they figured we are not when we laughed hahaha.

7. 70 degrees Fahrenheit is cold for us. Oh yeah hahaha. Philippines is a tropical country where we only know summer and rainy days lol. Trees are green all year long. No snow or freezing temperature. We only see snow in the movies or whenever we travel or move to some countries with snow.

8. Generally we are tan. People back home are crazy about bleaching products like bleaching lotion, bleaching soap, glutathione of any kind (oral or injectable) to lighten up their skin. We don’t have any idea that tanning bed exist. When the sun is up, we use umbrella not to protect ourselves from damaging UV rays but to avoid getting any darker hahaha. I’ll get so dark when I stay under the sun for more than 10 minutes.

Here in America it’s the other way around, people is crazy about tanning bed, beaches and sunbathing to get some tan. When I first got here I was amazed, I felt like I was in complete different world. Alienated. I haven’t seen a tanning bed my whole life til I get here.

9. We can live without toilet paper as we have tabo to clean ourselves up after using the bathroom. Well, we still need and use toilet paper but if worst come to worst we can do without it. If you live with a pinoy (Filipino people in general) you probably know what tabo is. Tabo comes in different sizes, colors and shapes, here it is:

I am talking about pinoy in general, if you’ve seen some individuals that are different it’s because everybody is unique.

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