1. When they bully you, fight back don’t let anybody put you down. Feel sorry for them because they got a problem not you. They will be happy to see you miserable so don’t give them that satisfaction.

2. When someone snaps at you for no reason at all, they are having a bad day and trying to take it on you. Look at them like “what’s wrong with you” kinda look then ignore them. Don’t ruin your day because of that.

3. When they are indifferent to you without any reason at all, they are jealous. You’ve got what they wish for. Don’t get affected. Smile.

4. When they don’t see anything good on you, they could either be jealous of you or they are just kind of person who don’t appreciate others but themselves.

5. When you are a good catch but they don’t see your value, it’s not your loss. You are giving your time to the wrong one. Move on.

6. When your partner cheats on you, it’s not your fault. They blame you to justify themselves so don’t buy it. Quit asking what you’ve done wrong. Quit wondering, they cheat because they want to. Period!

7. When you are in a bad relationship, maybe you made the bad choice. Your life, your happiness, your choice!

8. When you wanna go somewhere but your gut feeling tells you otherwise, listen to it maybe it’s just saving you from something.

9. When your life is not so great, focus on how to make it better. Focus on the solution not the problem.

10. When you are planning something but everything seems to go wrong, maybe its not meant to be.

No matter what the situation we are in, it’s up to us to make it better or worst. We got a choice to be happy if we want to.


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