You died inside when:

1. You suppressed your emotions in fear of getting hurt again.

2. You are like a walking zombie, you are alive but you don’t feel anything at all.

3. You found somebody that you have a strong connection with but you don’t want anything serious because you are scared to get hurt again.

4. You missed your chance to be happy again because the right person got tired of waiting for you to let them in.

5. You have a strong feeling for somebody but you are too scared to give it a chance.

6. You missed your chance with the right one because you didn’t take them seriously.

7. You don’t want a serious relationship with anybody.

8. You’d rather be alone instead of spending time with the right one.

9. You missed your chance of having a family because of your fear.

10. You end up with somebody you don’t really have a strong feeling with.

Remember, you won’t be young for life. You can’t take back time, when it’s gone … it’s gone.

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