Everyday list down at least 8 things that you are thankful for, in doing that you will see the best in life in spite of the pandemic. You will see you are blessed. Here is mine:

1. I am healthy. Somewhere, some people are fighting for their lives.

2. I can pay my bills. Somewhere in this world, some don’t even know where to get their next meal from… knowing that I know I’m still lucky.

3. I got roof over my head. Some people live in the street.

4. I can drive. Some are too weak to walk.

5. I can eat well. Some can’t even swallow their foods because they are too sick to eat.

6. I’m free to go out to shop for my groceries. Some wanna go out but they can’t as they are laying in the hospital bed.

7. I’m not alone. Some are surrounded by people but feel alone.

8. I am alive. Some died without even seeing their families on their last days.

Yeah, quarantine and social distancing suck but be grateful you are still alive an healthy. Stay safe everyone.

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