Nothing can make you look your best than having peace of mind. Our emotion shows up on our face, it affects our appearance. People that don’t get mad easily and know how to stay calm look younger than those who are mad most of the time.

Have you seen yourself in the mirror or in your pictures when you are happy? If you haven’t already, will you try comparing your looks when you are happy and when you are stressed out to see the difference? Stress makes us look older.

Bad life situation takes it toll, leaves fine line on our face. Haggard. Huge eyebags is a common problem for some, expensive medicine couldn’t get rid of it. Been there done that lol.

We cant control everything, at times things don’t happen our way but we can do something to change our way of thinking. We can train our minds on how to react in every situation.

Peace of mind gives our face some glow and makes us look younger. Better choices better outcome.

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