1. You deserve stress free life and peace of mind.

2. Getting even is like wasting more of your time on them, it’s like giving them the satisfaction of messing up your life even further. You’ve already thrown enough, do you think they deserve more?

3. Revenge literally letting your ex take control over your life long after the relationship is over. It’s like giving them the key to take over your mind without you realizing it. Why giving them that privilege? It’s over, right?

4. People respond according to their emotions. If they are over you, showing off your new date won’t even bother them at all instead it relieves them that you found a new one.

5. The best revenge is to move on, go on with your life and don’t ever look back. You don’t have to be with someone else to prove it. Moving on doesn’t mean date somebody else, it’s the feeling of relief within you during the break up. It’s like you’ve finally got your freedom back.

6. The best way to get even is to show them that they don’t matter to you anymore. Show that you have a better life without them. Show that you are the better version of yourself now that they are gone. You look better now than when you were with them. These come naturally when you got high self esteem.

7. Tell yourself that someday you gonna thank them for being bad because if they are good you would have stayed and you wouldn’t have been able to live your life the way you always wanted it to be.

8. Doesn’t matter whose fault it was. It maybe a painful process but we learned something from every chapter that ended, it’s for us to decipher what it was.

9. Your ex is your ex for a reason. If they are so great, break up wouldn’t have happened, right?

10. You deserve to be happy. You won’t be happy when your ex is in the way.

Be the best you can be. Go on with your life. Travel if you can. Do what you love most. Have fun, enjoy life … these are what you really deserve!

Been there done that. Didn’t get even at all. I’m the best version of myself because I didn’t look back. What is done is done.

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