What makes you wanna move to another company or career? Is it:

1. Salary. You’re moving to a job with better pay check. Taking things into consideration will be a good idea like driving/commute time to work and back, gas and car mileage. Will you bringing home more?

2. Benefits. Would be nice if you have good benefits. Is the new one offers better perks?

3. Safety. This is a must. You don’t wanna go to work everyday wondering if you will see your family again or if you will make it safely back home.

4. Type of job and working condition. Can you imagine yourself doing that job every single day? How do you feel about it? Will you be happier? Is it your dream job? At times switching to a new career will help you figure out what you really wanna do. Doing what you love makes you inspired to go to work every single day.

Are you leaving your present job with good benefits and perks because of these:

1. Co workers are lazy and hard to get along with. Tell you what, they are everywhere. You can jump from one job to another, you will still end up working with people like that.

2. Favoritism. This depends on your superiors personality because if they are really smart they will know that only people who wants them for a ride will kiss their a**, the hard working ones don’t need to do that. Again, they are everywhere too.

If leaving your present job will make you happier with the new opportunity then moving is good but if it will cost you what matters most, I guess setting priority first is your way to go.

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