1. You are free, period.

2. You are free to do anything you want in your home, decorate it anyway you want nobody will oppose.

3. You are free to cook whatever and whenever, nobody will expect you to feed them.

4. You are free to eat whatever, whenever and wherever you want to. Eat out as much as you want to.

5. Lower utility bills.

6. Easy to maintain the house clean.

7. Nobody else will use your stuff. Nobody will borrow or mess up your stuff.

8. Nobody will bother you when you are sleeping. Sleep as much as you want.


1. You got no one to talk with. You rely on phone and social media or go out with friends when you wanna talk to anybody.

2. You don’t have any help. If something is broken and you don’t know how to fix it, a help will cost you. Household chores are all yours.

3. You gonna pay bills on your own. May need to work extra hours to afford living expenses and extra money in your savings account.

4. You cannot go on vacation as much as you want because you need somebody to keep an eye on your house while you’re away. Nobody else will pay your bills while your on vacation.

5. When you get sick nobody will be there to do things for you until you get better.

6. Car maintenance is on you.

7. If you have a yard, it’s either pay someone to mow it for you or do it yourself.

8. If you are scared to be alone in the house, you may consider buying a newly built home. It will help you feel more comfy by yourself.

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