The answer to that depends on your personality. If you are too scared of anything, don’t do it. If you think you are brave enough, you will survive by yourself.

Living alone is good if you can afford it. Freedom to do anything is awesome.

Things to consider:

1. Safe neighborhood has to take into consideration, you don’t wanna go out or come home at night fearing for your life. You don’t wanna get worried that someone will break in to your home.

2. Buying a newly constructed house will help you feel more comfortable living by yourself. If newly built home or apartment is not an option, finding a house that you feel comfortable living in is a big help.

3. Installing security cam and alarm system will be a good idea.

4. Having a motion detector outdoor light at the front porch will scare the bad person away.

On my opinion living by yourself is not scary if you know you are safe where you live at. Knowing that nobody will bother you is a plus.

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