Are you in a situation that letting go is your best option? Are you scared and confuse? Do you wanna move on but wondering if you gonna regret it?

Saying goodbye is never easy, regretting the decision afterwards is worst if you don’t do the right thing.

I once made it wrong and learned my lesson from it. Breaking up is just a beginning of the new chapter of our lives, our impulsive reaction afterwards could be life changing if we are not careful about it. Our actions now will impact the future.

What did I do wrong?

I didn’t lay all my cards before breaking up. What do I mean by that? I didn’t get everything off my chest before I’ve done it. I focused on the break up itself not the consequences. I paid more attention on what was wrong and how to break free. I used my emotion not my head. I over think and assumed. I should’ve clarified everything to avoid what ifs in the future. No closure.

What did I learn from it?

Talk! Don’t leave anything unsaid, be honest of how I really feel because at times we just need a confirmation to turn things around. Don’t assume, ask! I don’t mind if the answer turned out to be different from what I expected or I didn’t get any answer at all. I tried it, that’s it! In doing that I free myself from emotional baggage as I got the closure I needed. Give myself time to heal first before getting in a relationship again.

How did I move on easily without needing a rebound?

If breaking up is inevitable with the right set of mind moving on is easy whether you’re still in love or not. If letting go is your best choice, accepting it will make it easier. I’ve done everything to save every relationship I was in with safe boundary. Meaning, I get out of my comfort zone if needed without letting lose myself in the process. When I know I’ve done my best and yet there’s no glimpse of hope that he would come around, I know it’s time to let go. I make sure I get everything off my chest so I don’t have to live with what ifs. I don’t care whatever the reaction maybe, I base my decision on it.

Everything is clear, no what ifs, no emotional baggage and I don’t need a rebound to feel better. For my own peace of mind I forgive without waiting for apology.

I stand back up and go on. I don’t let my past get in the way, they are past for a reason they don’t belong in my future. I deserve to be happy, period!

People ask me why it seems easy for me to move on, the answer is simple… closure. It is the key to free yourself from emotional baggage.

Are you free from it?

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