You love somebody but you are not on the same page.

Will you keep on hurting yourself or walk away and save yourself?

Will you wait for him to come around? For how long?

Think about these:

No matter how much you love someone if he keeps on hurting you, you will have enough and walk away.

People can only take so much. There’s a boundary on everything.

Your love for someone doesn’t give him the right to treat you badly because if they want you to stay, they won’t hurt you

If they wanna keep you, they will take care of you, won’t ignore you, will do their best to make it work

If they don’t respect you maybe they don’t love you enough

If they want you to stay, they won’t fool around

If they wanna keep you they will be faithful

If you are not good enough to someone, you’re just hurting yourself when you don’t walk away sooner

If he is too caught up with his old pain and won’t let anybody in you put yourself in a bad situation

If he really cares he will give it a try

When you get enough, you have options:

1. Stay and be miserable. Chances are he comes around and it’s worth it, if he doesn’t you are just hurting yourself even deeper.

2. Walk away and start anew. It’s a painful process if you still love him but letting go is giving yourself a chance to be happy again.

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