Why couples who deeply care for each other fall out?

What makes them prefer to go through painful process of getting over someone they love?

What drives them go the other direction than fighting for their connection?

What are the common mistakes?

1. Selfishness, ignoring somebody else’s feeling is a mistake. I bet nobody wants to deal with it, do you? Being selfless saves whatever you two have.

Considering how your partner feels about the situation and meet in the middle plays a vital role in a happy relationship.

Doesn’t matter whose at fault. Try to fit in their shoes. Be honest, if they treat you the same way you do them, would you put up with it?

2. Lack of communication, at times just a simple gesture or assurance on how deep you care for your partner saves you two from falling out.

Well that is when the conflict is not that bad yet, that is when they only need assurance.

At times people walk away because one is indecisive, they feel like it’s going nowhere, they want stability and you don’t give it to them or vice versa.

Never assume … ask! Get the answer straight from them. Be honest on how you feel. Don’t leave anything unsaid.

3. Fear of failure, there’s an invisible wall that nobody can penetrate because of fear of another failed relationship. Taking your old pain on somebody else is unfair. It’s good to learn from our past but living with the “ghost of our past” ruin our chance for a better future.

Keep in mind, they are two different people.

Nobody wanna take the blame or be treated badly for other people’s mistake. I bet you don’t either, do you?

4. Fear of rejection, you know how they feel about you but you’re dragging your feet for fear of being rejected.

Overthinking won’t help, it can cloud your better judgment.

Listen, it’s better to be rejected fighting than losing the battle wondering.

Even if you lose, believe me it feels good knowing you’ve done everything to save it than living on “what ifs” few years down the road.

5. Pride, foolish pride! It could affect your better judgment. At times it’s ok to lower it a bit and try to fight for what’s important to you.

Because of pride instead of fixing the conflict, we tend to act defensive and do foolish things that drives them further away.

At times people chose to walk away because they are being pushed on that direction. They love you so deep, you hurt them so deep as well.

At times people walk away because there’s no glimpse of hope of saving it.

At times people walk away because they simply got tired and gave up the fight.

At times people go the other direction because there’s no compromise.

Everybody wants to be with someone they have a strong feeling with.

Nobody wants failure but at times they have to bite a bullet.

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