Are you involve with someone but feels like even though you’ve invested so much, you’re still not good enough? Feels like moving on is your best option because waiting for them to come around and see your value is out of the question.

You’re aware that some people didn’t end up with the “one” because of wrong choices and live to regret it for years so you don’t wanna do the same. You know that the decision you make now will impact your future and the people around you so you’re thinking it through.

You know they really care, it’s no brainer to believe otherwise as they’ve acted and reacted on certain situations that only a person in love would do. There’s no way a person whose not into you would have done it, you’re certain because you caught them off guard.

You know you’re not making a fool of yourself because other people said it’s quite obvious how much you two adore each other. You two have a strong connection.

Until they hook up with somebody else. Now the confusion sets in, it makes you wonder and believe otherwise. It makes you wonder if they are just putting an act to fool you.

Your initial reaction was to fight off. Regardless you still love them and you can’t stay mad. You two get back together but the damage has been done so you set some boundary between you two.

They are not as committed as you are, you feel like you’re fighting alone the burden is too heavy to endure. Eventually, you lost it. The only best option you’ve got left is to move on.

You know chances are either they come around and win you back or let you go for good. You’re ready either way. Time to gather yourself together and start over…

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