Are you planning to migrate or work in other country? Are you emotionally ready? Are you up for the challenge? Are you scared?

Moving to an unknown place is scary but if you are adventurous enough it’s kinda challenging.

Leaving old friends and family behind could be the hardest part of moving. Internet and social media made it easier to communicate with them back home but nothing can beat being around them in real life.

When you’ve made your decision, secured all the documents needed and arrived in your destination, expect these changes:

1. Language. For some this is the biggest challenge, it takes time to learn new language. In some cases even the alphabet is different so it’s a good start learning those first before moving so reading street signs and going around will be easier.

Assuming you can speak English well and you’re moving to an English speaking country it will still be a challenge because accent will throw you for a loop.

2. Culture is definitely different from yours. It’s a good idea to learn the culture to your destination first so you know what to expect.

3. Life style is different, what’s normal for you could be weird or offensive to them.

4. Get around. Everything is new, it’s like you are in different planet. Street signs, roads, traffic, vehicles, public transportations and people are not what you’re used too see. In some countries like Australia, Singapore and England they drive on the left side of the road so their vehicles have the steering wheels on the right side. In the US, Philippines and Canada the steering wheels are on the left and they drive on the right.

5. Restaurants. Don’t expect to find your favorite restaurant. Even if you find the same restaurant from back home, foods could be different. McDonalds are everywhere but they offer different menu in the USA, Philippines and Singapore.

6. Foods. When you go to the grocery stores everything is new. Its hard to find ingredients for your food. At times you’ll find your foods but the price could be overwhelming. Be ready to get used to local cuisine.

7. Meeting new friends. When you’re in another country seeing someone your own race excites you. Keep as many friends as possible.

8. Working. Secure needed working permit first. On your first job at times it’s easier to get hired by staffing agency than putting in applications straight to companies websites as you have no job experience in the country yet.

Be ready to do any jobs available unless you’re traveling on a work visa.

If you’re not traveling on a work visa don’t expect them to consider your credentials and work experience from another country right away as there’s no way for them to contact your references. Have your transcript of record accredited by the country’s academic accrediting agency first and work your way up from there.

9. Currency. Shopping maybe weird because the price is different from what you used to, you gonna end up converting the price of every item comparing it to your local currency.

10. Safety. Know emergency numbers, driving and traffic rules. Keep your family and friends updated of what’s going on. Ask for help when you know something is off.

If you take living in a foreign land as a challenge and you’re up to it, you will survive.

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