1. Your person is selfless. He/she considers your feeling first before he/she done something. Regardless of his/her feeling for you he/she won’t do anything to disrespect you on purpose. He/she will ask what is best for you both before making any decision. When there is an argument, he/she would listen to your point and admit when he/she is wrong and forgive you when you are wrong. He/she is not a cheater.

2. He/she is not there for the ride. He/she is the sweetest person on earth whether he/she needs something from you or not. He/she will share on bill when you two go out on a date. Won’t keep his/her money for him/herself and let you spend all your checks for both of you.

3. That person won’t think or plan anything that will harm you for his own good. Like he/she won’t plan on getting you hurt from a wreck or small accidents just to claim from insurance, be it a temporary or permanent disability or death. He/she won’t hit you for any reason at all. He/she won’t abuse you physically, verbally and mentally.